July 11, 2012

The students have a full band rehearsal, a woodwind or brass/percussion rehearsal, and an instrument-specific sectional at 9 am, 10 am, and 11 am, in various orders and beginning at staggered times. I was busy with attendance, so I didn't get around this morning to take pictures. After lunch, students have a required 1:45 pm class that runs until 2:40 pm. Below is the woodwind choir. Students in this ensemble are the best players at our camp based on Monday's audition. Mr. Worosello conducts the ensemble.

Mr. MacMillan teaches the high school rhythmic reading class.

Some campers are easily distracted by people taking pictures. It's not their fault.

Mr. Woolsey is a band director by profession and is the vice principal at our camp. Can you say "in-school suspension"? If you are a camper, you do not want to see Mr. Woolsey. If you are a parent of a camper, you do not want to receive a telephone call from Mr. Woolsey. We have really nice students at camp, and they're making Mr. Woolsey's job a piece of cake. Can you see the smile on his face? Let's keep it that way!

Mr. Swails and the junior high school rhythmic reading class. We're using RhythmBee that many public school bands use. It's a great software program.

Now some photos of the brass choir. This is the equivalent of the woodwind choir. These are the best brass players at our camp.

"Was that art that I just saw?" No. I'm a photrealist and I just couldn't draw fast enough. The euphoniums kept moving and then I'd erase and start over. Sure I'm wasting your time, but it only cost you 96 kb.

The is the second high school flute ensemble.

Around the corner if high school flute ensemble I.

Next is the high school clarinet ensemble.

Here is the office staff for band camp. Audrey helps the sick campers with kind words or a ride to the clinic. Christ and Robert assist the band camp secretary, Rita. If you've called the band camp office, you've talked to on the them. Let's give them a round of applause for all their hard work behind the scenes.

On my way to the 3 o'clock junior high assembly, I saw this:

Inside the Branding Iron Theatre. This is the junior high school assembly.

Mr. Hawkins, one of the dorm supervisors at Jarrett, demonstrates what happens when campers don't walk in the crosswalks. His cardboard car Lola attacks pedestrians. And it happens so fast, it's like all a blur.

The junior high students did the marble/spoon game on a smaller playing surface.

At 3:30 the band camp teachers play in a band. Today the chamber ensemble was rehearsing the music for next week's guest artist Dr. Mark Ostoich. Dr. Garner, WTAMU professor emeritus, conducts the group.

I've escaped the confines of my cell and it's 5:30 pm. Here is Jarrett Hall where the boy campers stay. There are some clouds in the sky. You don't see those very often!

Across the street is the cafeteria. Boys need to stay in a dorm that's close to food.

We're inside the cafeteria and the first thing we see is the deserts.

Right next to it is ice cream. Now that's the way to set up a kitchen. All the basic food groups in two stations.

Hot dinner. I forgot to look at what was being served. My mind was still on station one and station two. I can see green beans and there's a ladle and some tongs (French fries). Maybe it's a salisbury steak or something like that.

They have breakfast food. Here are some campers fixing waffles. Hey, that whipped cream needs to be over by the ice cream cones!

There's a pizza station.

Next is a grill for hamburgers. There's nothing better than ice cream, cookies, and hamburgers. By the way, the aroma compels a person to come inside the cafeteria. It was a really good flavor of smell.

There are deli sandwich fixin's. The problem for me is that it's getting too far away from the ice cream. I guess a person could fix a sandwich to get enough energy to make it to the ice cream.

Salad anyone?

There's some cut fresh fruit, cottage cheese, dressings, and so forth.

The drink machines. There's fruit drink flavors further to the left. Milk is also available.

I hate to tell some parent that at least one camper has died her hair at camp! Oh, well. I guess you'll find out in two weeks. Just prepare yourself now.

Ah! Ice cream!

Let's stop for today. I'll try to take pictures of the 7 pm masterclasses and start there in the morning.