July 17, 2012

Some exciting news. I was listening to the radio this morning coming to work and the announcer said he'd give someone two  tickets to something or other for the seventh caller who could tell him what the "happiest place on earth was" that opened on this date fifty-five years ago. I called and told him that band camp was the happiest place on earth. I didn't win. I was caller #4. Band camp is 60 years old and Disneyland is fifty-seven years old, so I knew he got that part of the question wrong, but I forgave his blunder! I don't need two tickets to anything, anyway. I'm happy where I am. I'm at band camp, the happiest place on earth.

The following pictures were from Monday. Dr. Mark Ostoich, the Yamaha guest artist, gave a masterclass for the oboe campers. He'll be doing that again today and tomorrow.

This is a picture of the high school symphonic band.

A 7:45 am is the optional breathing class. There were a lot of students "enrolled" last week, but there's only half that number this week. Hmm! The only explanation is that half of the class has stopped breathing.

By the way, you'll notice in these pictures that today is T-shirt day. The campers have yellow shirts and the honor campers have gray shirts. Those who are not participating in T-shirt day are not wearing yellow or gray band camp T-shirts. That's so you can tell them apart.

This is the second hour in Cousins Lobby with the junior high school concert band flutes.

The junior high school concert band clarinets in Cousins Ballroom.

I think I got this group yesterday, but Mr. Elsner said that the one on the left was absent yesterday.

Junior high school concert band saxophones. They were packing up. I almost missed them.

Junior high school concert band brass and percussion.

Oh-oh. Somebody has her hand in front of her face. It's not my fault this time. (Well, maybe it is.)

The junior high school symphonic band in the mirror room of the activities center.

Here are some third hour pictures beginning with Mrs. DuBois and the high school symphonic band bass clarinets.

High school honor band horns.

High school symphonic band bassoons.

Mr. Storey and the high school symphonic band clarinets.

Notice that Mr. Storey is still wearing the same shirt in all three pictures.

Now we move to the high school symphonic band symphonic flutes and Ms. Thomas.

High school honor band euphoniums and tubas with Mr. Reimund.

High school honor band trumpets with Dr. Takacs.

High school symphonic band bassoons with Dr. Carpenter and Mr. Garcia.

High school symphonic band oboes with Mrs. Sanchez.

High school white band clarinets with Mr. Worosello.

High school maroon band trumpets with Mr. Brown.

High school white band saxophones with Mr. Barney.

High school maroon band euphoniums and tubas with Mr. Simmons.

High school maroon band trombones with Ms. Pecht.

High school symphonic band saxophones with Mr. Barger.

High school white band oboes with Ms. Hart.

High school honor band woodwind sectional with Mr. Lefevre.

At the 3 pm junior high assembly, the high school horns performed three pieces for the students.

I told you that today was T-shirt day, didn't I? Isn't that a beautiful sight?

The bands competed in the Toilet Paper game. The rules were kind of fuzzy to me.

Dr. Ostoich did a workshop for the band directors.

That's enough for today. We still have the 7 pm recital tonight with the high school percussion ensemble, Dr. Ostoich, and the brass choir, but I'll put those in tomorrow's page.