July 19, 2012

Here are some pictures from Wednesday. While I was at the junior high assembly, Dr. Teweleit went to the high school assembly where jazz band II performed conducted by Mr. Hinds.

Then it was jazz band I's turn. Mr. Storey is the conductor.

And the flags.

At 7 pm, the woodwind choir performed on the recital.

Dr. Ostoich performed. with the group.

The directors jazz band played three pieces. I don't know about other summer camps, but our faculty play and they're darn good, too.

Thursday. The high school symphonic band poster won first place; honor band, second; and white band, third.

The band competition for the pizza party this afternoon before the ball has a score sheet on the wall. Blue represents the high school bands and yellow, the junior high school bands. Look how far ahead junior high symphonic band is. Those kids know how to have fun. I'm told that symphonic band won the junior high school competition and that white band won in the high school division.

I stopped by Northen Recital Hall while the high school white band was rehearsing.

Then I went to high school symphonic band. They were rehearsing a piece by Eric Rath, area band director, WTAMU graduate, and he's on our band camp staff. That's pretty exciting.

Mr. Sheffield is conducting and Mr. Rath is there to offer suggestions on the interpretation.

The high school concert band woodwind sectional. Mr. Collins is conducting.

Mr. Whitaker is the other conductor for this band.

The high school maroon band brass and percussion sectional.

Mr. Nelson is conducting.

Students have a required class at 1:45 pm. Many of the students play in an ensemble of like instruments for that required class. On Thursday of the second week, we have all the ensembles perform for each other. I'm in the Branding Iron Theatre for the junior high school ensembles. This is the junior high percussion II ensemble conducted by Mr. Galvan.

Percussion I directed by Mr. Elsner.

Trombone and Ms. Pecht.

Flutes conducted by Mrs. Cooley.

Horns conducted by Mr. Dixon.

Trumpets conducted by Mr. Brown.

The audience.

Saxophones conducted by Mr. Holmes.

The boy (young man) in the first row, red shirt, checkered pants has a mustache. Get prepared, mom. We only work on the music at band camp. We don't teach shaving.

Meanwhile, the high school ensembles are performing in Northen Recital Hall.

This is the high school flute II ensemble lead by Ms. Thomas.

Mr. Walsh and the trombones.

Flute ensemble I with Ms. Eiben.

Each director picks an outstanding member of the ensemble and that student is given a trophy.

Horn ensemble conducted by Mrs. Casso.

Dr. Takacs and the trumpets.

Mrs. DuBois and the clarinets.

Mr. Barger and the saxophones.

Mr. Reimund and the tuba/euph ensemble.

At 3 pm, the directors band performs for the campers. The musicians are teachers at our camp. Dr. Garner is the conductor.

For the required 1:45 pm class, a trophy is awarded to the student who is tops in the class. Tyler who had no face in my talent show photo was given the trophy for advanced jazz improvisation by Mr. Hinds.

Mr. Quintela awards a drum major trophy.

Mr. Swails awards a rhythmic reading trophy.

That evening was the camp ball and everyone is dressed up all pretty.

That's it for Thursday.