July 12, 2012

Wednesday night at 7 pm there were masterclasses for all the instruments. This is the one for the trumpets. Dr. Takacs just finished playing and is introducing Steve, who will be a trumpet graduate assistant beginning this fall.

The percussion masterclass.

The horn masterclass.

Dr. Carpenter, WTAMU professor, leads the bassoon masterclass.

Euphoniums and tubas.

It was hard for me to decide which of the two were better pictures. It's hard to tell because I don't take very good pictures in the first place. Should I start drawing them instead? Never mind. We went through that yesterday.

The flutes played Jeopardy.

I must confess that I said that phrase "How much flute could a flute player toot if a flute player could toot flute?" five times and the answer still didn't come to me.

I apologize for the next couple of pictures. They're fuzzy. The batteries must be nearly dead or I should have had some ice cream to get my blood sugar levels up to steady my hand. Maybe the batteries needed some ice cream. I could hear their faint whispers but couldn't make out what they were saying. Perhaps they were talking about me.

The clarinet masterclass.

Thursday morning, 7:45 am. We have the drum major class in the fine arts complex lobby. It has big glass windows. If the pictures don't come out clear, it must be because of the sunlight glare and not me this time.

Ms. Guerra and Mr. Quintilla are the instructors.

The student events office plans afternoon intramurals, they make nametags, run the lost and found, take care of the 3 pm assemblies, and so forth.

Ms. Butterworth (far right) and Mr. Rivera are in charge of the student events staff.

The director's lounge.

The popcorn machine at the director's lounge.

I went around to some of the second hour classes. Here are the high school maroon band oboes.

The high school concert band euphoniums and tubas.

High school concert band trumpets.

High school honor band saxophones.

Junior high school honor band trombones.

Junior high school honor band euphoniums and tubas.

High school maroon band saxophones.

Now it's 1:45 and the oboe reedmaking class.

Theory class. These are mostly high school campers.

Here's the junior high school horn ensemble.

And the other theory class, many of whom are in junior high school or are freshmen at a high school.

At the 3 pm assembly for junior high students, the bands competed in the Human Knot contest. The object is to hold the hand of two different people then, without letting go, untangle into a circle.

At 4:30 the camp faculty have an opportunity to attend workshops. Today, Mr. Dan Gibbs, legendary band director at Monahans, spoke to the group.

That's enough for today. I'll see you tomorrow.