July 15, 2012

On Sunday, campers have the morning off. They can sleep in or go to church or do laundry (nah!). They have brunch from 11 am until 1 pm, then they have a band rehearsal from 2 pm until 3:30 pm. At 4 pm, we make a trip to Wonderland Park for those students who want to go. There is a dance, etc. for campers who stay.

Dr. Teweleit took Wonderland pictures. (That's why, all of a sudden, they're a better quality.)

Then he had some pictures left over from last week. This is the high school assembly and they're going to play Simon Says.

That's unfair to make a guy play who's on crutches.

The talent show on Friday night. This is Autumn.

Bryn's "The History of the Soviet Union to the Theme of Tetris."



Tyler. (So that's what he looks like! You can't tell that from my picture.)

And that's the end of Sunday.