July 8, 2012

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Things have been crazy getting ready for the start of camp. We have a lot of people watching us work, but they're not contributing much.

Here are the practice rooms in the fine arts complex.

This is a view toward the new fine arts complex. Most of our classes are in Mary Moody Northen Hall or in the Fine Arts Complex. A couple of the morning classes are in Jarrett housing units or Cousins Hall, a residence for women. Two bands rehearse in the Activities Center.

Here's a picture from the second floor of Northen Hall looking west toward the registration starting blocks.

On the wall of Mary Moody Northen Hall atrium is a list of auditions times in case a camper forgets and a reminder list of classes. All this information is on the registration packet but it will give campers who don't have any friends to hang out with something to do. (P.S. I checked Monday morning and no one was looking at the list. Everyone had found a friend!)

Students will audition on Monday morning and taped to each audition site is a sheet of paper that shows the audition times and the name of the camper. The following sheet was for junior high school trumpet students. The auditions started at 8 am. That's why it's blurry. I took this picture using the retina of a 7th grader who was not quite awake yet.

We will post Monday morning's audition results on the windows in the atrium.

Here is where the students will receive their registration packet.

Once they obtain their registration packet, they will go inside the recital hall to have their picture taken and nametag assembled. (This is the way it looked before I discovered that there was no electricity in the wall plugs on the west side of the stage. All the little electrons had run to the east side. I found them and we were set. When you look at this picture, reverse it in your mind and you'll have a clear view of the actual setup.

After the campers have their mugshot made, they leave the stage.

Next, they're given a uniform to wear during camp. (Seriously, they brought other clothes to wear. We do have "T-shirt day" once a week and we think six days is enough time for the T-shirt to air out in case some campers left home without being taught how to wash clothes.)

Campers go into the band room to purchase tickets to T*E*X*A*S and Wonderland Park and/or to sign up for private lessons. When they're finished, they go to their dorm.

I was busy with the nametags for 5 hours, 31 minutes, then there was the clean-up. At 9 pm, we had a faculty meeting. Here's our work crew. It's Nathan, Alex, Jacob, Aaron, and Jordan.

I found this storyboard drawing of the Anime series soon to be coming to a theatre near you.

And our faculty.

That's all for today.