July 16, 2012

I went around to some of the first period rehearsal sites today. Here are the junior high school concert band horns with Mr. MacMillan (seated in the third photo).

The junior high school tubas and euphoniums.

Junior high school symphonic band saxophones.

Junior high school concert band trombones with Mr. Mireles.

Junior high school concert band trumpets.

Junior high school percussion with Mr. Elsner.

Junior high school symphonic band flutes.

Junior high school symphonic band clarinets with Mr. Swails.

Then I went to the activities centers to catch the junior high school concert band woodwinds.

Mr. Cooley is helping the saxophones while Mr. Dixon is conducting.

The mirror room is where the junior high school brass and percussion were rehearsaing.

During the third hour, I made the rounds again. Here is the junior high school symphonic percussion. They rehearse in the glass room in the cafeteria.

The work crew was tanking up for the afternoon.

It was lunchtime, so I stopped to admire the cookies and cupcakes.

Today the campers could get ravioli, spaghetti, or rice with sauce. There was also some corn. All those would go nicely with the desert if a person still had room in his stomach after a large plate of cookies and cupcakes.  The portions are moderate, but students can go back for seconds on everything, including cookies and cupcakes.

The junior high school band trumpets in Jarrett Lobby.

Junior high school symphonic band horns.

Junior high school symphonic band euphoniums and tubas.

Junior high school symphonic band trombones.

At 1:45 pm, I caught the bassoon reedmaking class with Mr. Garcia in the background.

With Mr. Smith.

The high school trumpet ensemble with Dr. Takacs.

The top percussion ensemble with Dr. Susan Martin Tariq.

Mr. Barney's jazz improvisation class.

Mr. Hinds' jazz improvisation class.

The other two high school percussion ensembles rehearse for today's performance at the high school assembly. In the piece they were playing, they jumped 180 degrees, so it was hard to take a good picture (and you know how hard it is for me to take a good picutre anytime).

At the junior high assembly, the game was Tissue Pull.

Mr. Storie and Mr. Whittaker at the 4:30 pm leadership class.

The directors were at a flute masterclass taught by Helen Blackburn, who will join the music faculty in the fall as the flute professor.

At 7 pm some of the camp faculty performed a recital for the students. This is Ms. Blackburn.

Mr. Smith.

Mr. Barger. Mrs. Abbasova accompanied the faculty.

Mr. Reimund.

Mr. Brown performed a trumpet trio with his sons who attend WT. (Can you guess who took the picture? It's got my fingerprints all over it.)

Ms. Blackburn performs a duet with her former student, Ms. Thomas, who now is a professional player. Ms. Thomas is teaching junior high honor band flutes and the high school maroon band and white band flutes this week.

Mr. Lefevre and Dr. Garner performed a duet on their Yamaha Wind Tone Generators.

Mrs. Crutchfield.

Ms. Eiben.

Mr. Johnson.

Ms. Eiben, Mrs. Crutchfield, Mr. Dixon, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Swails.

From left to right: Mr. Reimund, Ms. Mitchell, Mr. Carroll on drumset, Mr. Simmons, Mr. Cooley, Mr. Myers. (Anyone want me to take family pictures?)

I guess I missed taking a picture of the horn choir. There were about 8 of them and some of their faces were hidden by music stand racks. Same old story. Just another verse. I did manage to get a picture of the brass choir, though, so not all was lost.

A jazz combo finished the program. From left to right: Mr. Rath, Mr. Kwan, Mr. Spoon, Mr. Galvan, Mr. Barney, Mr. Hinds. Mr. Spoon lives in Claude. He played with with the Stan Kenton and Prez Prado bands. Those are big names in the industry.

The campers then went to a dance, but I'm calling it quits for tonight. No dancing for me.