July 13, 2012

Dr. Teweleit, assistant camp director, sent some pictures. Here are pictures of the T*E*X*A*S trip to Palo Duro Canyon.

There must have been taken at a 3 pm high school assembly. Make up your own story.

Want to see some magic? Look at the next picture and the one that follows.

How did he do that? What to see another?


Here are some pictures from the Wednesday night masterclasses.

From left to right: Mr. Barney, Mr. Lefevre, Mr. Harris, and Mr. Barger

The trombone masterclass.

From this side to that: Mr. Nuckols, Mr. Montgomery, Mr. Marks, and Mr. Myers.

Here are some Friday, first hour pictures. (The clock in the background is wrong, in case you are wondering. You won't find a band camper awake at ten minutes to three, morning or afternoon.) This is my drawing of the high school concert band bass clarinets and Mrs. DuBois.

Mr. Smith and the junior high school honor band bassoons.

When I was walking from the fine arts complex to Northen Hall, I saw this squirrel and took its picture. He borrowed my camera to take my picture for his website and told me he's going to use the caption "Squirrel" to protect my anonymity. I thought that was cute, so I'm going to call this picture "Squirrel" in his honor and because I can't think of anything else to call it. I guess I don't have any imagination. It's just a picture of a squirrel. I wonder if this is how James Audubon got his start? A lot of people have told me that I should start looking for another job, that this one isn't working out.

Here are the high school white band trumpets.

Mr. Dixon and the high school white band horns.

The junior honor band clarinets and bass clarinets.

Mr. Cameron and the junior high school symphonic bassoons.

Mrs. Crutchfield and the high school concert band oboes.

The high school concert band bassoons and Mrs. Cameron.

The high school maroon band was rehearsing on the Northen Recital Hall stage.

Oops! A fuzzy picture. Sorry.

I'm getting better.

Now the high school band brass and percussion sectional.

And finally, from the first hour, Mr. Carroll and the high school white band percussion section.

At the 3 pm junior high assembly, the band representatives played Simon Says.

Some of the boys wore their hats in the BIT and got to do an interpretive dance.

At 4 pm I went to the the activities center where students were doing intramurals.

There's a rock wall, but don't worry, parents. We don't use it during band camp.

There's a snack area and TV.

Racquetball courts.

The bands were going to compete in volleyball and basketball.

Some campers enjoyed a bowling game.

There's a water park that has a lazy river, water slide, and open swimming.

At 7 pm there was a talent show. This is Autumn.

This is Bryan and Nic doing "The History of the Soviet Union to the Theme of Tetris."




Tyler. (Some of my critics say I shouldn't be allowed to take pictures. My response to them is "I'm not, as you can see for yourself!")


Paula. (At least it's not a bad picture of the piano.)

Ben did one of those computer coordination games where you have to strike the key when the moving icons arrive at the directional arrows. Ben did better than I did. I only have to push one button to get a picture and you know how that's going.

Trophies were awarded to first place (Ben), second place (Paula), and third place (Autumn).

The resident assistants and student events crew made a band camp video for the campers.

That's it for today.