Photo quiz 2  Alligators, lizards and turtles          (Natural History of Vertebrates at West Texas A&M University)

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Mediterranean gecko (RTK) Green anole (RTK) Side-blotched lizard (RTK)
Eastern collared lizard (RTK)   Six-lined racerunner (RTK) Checkered whiptail (RTK)
Texas horned lizard (RTK) Roundtail horned lizard (RTK) Prairie lizard (RSM)
Great Plains skink (RTK) Yellow mud turtle (RTK) Common snapping turtle (RTK)
Slider (RSM) Ornate box turtle Spiny softshell
American alligator (RSM)    

Photographs by R. T. Kazmaier (RTK) and R. S. Matlack (RSM)

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