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West Texas A&M University offers a federally funded college preparatory program called Classic Upward Bound. The program is designed to generate the skills and motivation necessary for success in post secondary education among first generation, low-income high school students. Students from area target schools who meet the eligibility criteria participate in both an academic year and summer camp program. Target schools are Caprock, Dimmitt, Hereford, and Tulia high schools.


UB students disecting cow eye at Discovery Center

Classic Upward Bound participants' are young individuals with academic potential constrained by low-income levels and a lack of college experience within their family. Due to various cultural, personal and social factors, post secondary education may seem out of reach for them. However, through participation in the Classic Upward Bound program, more than 90 percent of  Upward Bound students will enroll in college after high school graduation.

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