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UPD Frequently Asked Questions

University Police Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I park on campus without a permit?

Not on the main campus - permits are required 24 hours a day.
May park at the FUBC (Event Center) and ride the Shuttle to the main campus.

If I am visitor on campus, where can I park?

Visitor permits are available at Parking Services or the JBK Student Center.
Parking spaces designated by sign indicating a time limit of 30 minutes (only valid for 30 minutes or less).

Where is Parking Services located and what hours are they open?

Parking Services Division (PSD) is located in the Old Sub Building
PSD is open 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. M-F

If I live on campus where can I park?

Blue or blue/white striped curbs indicate parking for residents and are reserved 24 hours a day for residents.
Buff, Connor, Cousins, Guenther, Jarrett, and McCaslin Halls require a blue resident permit and a validator indicating location before you can park there.
Residential permits may only be purchased by students living on campus.

What does OPEN zone parking mean?

The lots designated as OPEN zone are available parking for any vehicle with a valid WTAMU parking permit.
At 2 p.m. faculty/staff (green) and commuter (brown) spaces are considered OPEN parking. This still requires a valid parking permit.
Plain curbed spaces are considered OPEN zone parking.

Where are the OPEN zones?

Zone 1 - east of McCaslin Apts. (center of lot, not designated by a color or sign)
Zone 3 – small lot south of the Box
Zone 5 – north of MMNH (center of lot not designated by a color or sign)
Zone 8 – north of Stafford
Zone 12 – south of Stafford and north of Field house (center of lot not designated by a color or sign)
Zone 13 - west of the Activities Center (center of lot not designated by a color or sign)
Zone 15 - west of the Physical Plant
Zone 16 - east of Jones and Cross Halls (in areas not designated by a color or sign)
Zone 24 – east of the Activities Center
Zone 28 - corner of 4th Avenue and 26th Street

If I get a citation, can I appeal it?

Yes. It must be appealed within the semester it is received and reimbursements will only be paid within 30 days of the court date.

What happens if I choose not to pay the citation?

A Restriction is placed on your student records after 10 days if the citation remains unpaid.
The citation fine increases after 20 days if the citation remains unpaid.

Do I have to pay for the citation to appeal it?

Yes. This allows the Restriction to be removed from your student records.
Reimbursements (if necessary) are made by mail following the return of the appeal form to PSD.

If I am a student, but work on campus, can I purchase a faculty/staff permit?

No, only full-time benefit eligible employees may purchase a faculty/staff permit.

What is the Buffalo Express?

A Shuttle Service is provided from the Event Center to the Main Campus at designated stops Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.

If I have to bring a different car to campus, what do I do?

If you have purchased a valid permit for a vehicle, you are allowed three weeks of free temporary permits for a day or up to a week for another vehicle.
Temporary permits are available in the Old Sub building (PSD) during business hours and at UPD (circle drive of Old Sub) after hours.
Temporary permits are also available at the Information Desk of the JBK Student Center.