Upward Bound Math-Science Summer Program

Academic Advancement Summer Program

West Texas A&M University's Upward Bound Math-Science Academic Advancement Summer Program is an intensive, six-week academic experience that exposes students to a variety of career fields, improves their problem-solving skills, and increases their appreciation for science and mathematics. Students will also experience new adventures and develop lasting new friendships.

Students at Missouri History Museum

Students visit Missouri History Museum during our St. Louis Culture Trip

The programs offered each summer vary, but include the following:

  • Guided Research  
  • Critical Thinking Aptitudes
  • University Readiness
  • Exposure to University Lifestyle
  • Enhance Student Leadership Skills
  • Academic Workshops
  • Educational Enrichment Trip




Students visit Washington University in St. Louis
Students tour Washington University in St. Louis
Students at the St. Louis Science Center Students visit the St. Louis Science Center