Upward Bound Math-Science Programs and Activities

Programs and Activities

Academic Year Component

The Academic Year component will focus on academic instruction/tutorials for all participants on the state mandated assessment tests to ensure passage of participants by the exit level. The curriculum includes activities designed to further the development of each participant by keeping them engaged and focused on their individual College to Career Portfolio. Each participant will have a progress plan created to help generate academic skills and motivation necessary to prepare program participants to receive a score of proficiency in subjects in preparation for college enrollment.

Students will also be provided with individual counseling on academic, financial aid, scholarships, college admissions and career interests.

Academic Saturday Advancement Program

Students will visit our campus a minimum of 3 times per semester throughout the regular school year. They will be exposed to the university way of life and will also participate in numerous workshops aimed at improving their study skills, critical thinking aptitudes, and understanding of the importance of a post-secondary degree. Seminars on college readiness, financial aid and career fields are also a strong component of the program. Other areas include individual and group counseling, academic tutorials, career & academic advising, analytical and social activities, and experiences with faculty and mentors relating to research in the STEM fields.

Academic Saturday Dates 2016-2017

  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
  • February
  • March
  • April

******* The bus will pick up at PDHS at 8:15AM in front of the main building and at 8:30AM in HHS by the band hall parking lot!

Students during a mentor activity

Students during our 2016 Summer Academy

UBMS Students at Bell Helicopter

Students toured the Bell Helicopter facility in Amarillo