StrengthsQuest Workshops / Trainings


Faculty and Staff

Customized Sessions

Please contact the Office of Student Affairs for a list of people who can provide strengths-related consultation, coaching and workshop facilitation.

The following individuals are available for consultations:

Brandy Carr, Advising Services, 651.5300
Kimberly Cornelsen, Office of Student Engagement and Leadership, 651.2313
Dr. Christina Cox-Leisinger, Office of Student Affairs, 651.2050
Dr. Leigh Greene, Department of Education, 651.8209
Mike Knox, Office of Student Affairs, 651.2050
Tana Miller, Office of the Registrar, 651.4911
Denese Skinner, Office of Career Services, 651.2345
Cindy Spencer, Residential Living, 651.3000

Gallup Webinars, Workshops, and Conferences

Gallup offers many free online webinars and fee-based workshops and conferences. Registration for these events is required. You can learn more about these opportunities by clicking here.


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