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Career Services Mock Interview Program

Mock Interview Program

Mock Interviews are designed to provide students classified as juniors and above with the opportunity to practice interviewing with a real employer - sophomores are eligible as well, but must get special approval from our office. Mock interviews are scheduled once per month and registrations are limited. They are intended to be practice interviews and not necessarily an opportunity to meet with a specific employer or individual.

You MUST have an approved resume in BuffJobs to sign up for an interview time slot. The deadline to sign up for a mock interview is noon the business day prior to the interview date, this allows our volunteer employers ample time to prepare. Please see below (or contact our office) for instructions on how to register. Each student may only sign up on one schedule per mock interview night in order to allow others the opportunity to participate.

Your preparation prior to attending a mock interview should be similar to that of a real interview. At a minimum, we expect that you will research the organization with whom you are interviewing and go through our online interviewing workshop. This short online tutorial will give you valuable tips on how to prepare, what to expect and how to follow up. To get maximum benefit from this experience, treat it as a 'real' interview.

Each session will last approximately 30 minutes, with the first 15-20 being the 'interview' and the final 10-15 minutes spent evaluating your performance. You must be at least a sophomore in standing to participate in mock interview night - however, if you are a freshman and would like to experience a mock interview, you can schedule one with our staff by calling our office.

To register for a mock interview, you must log in to BuffJobs using the "BuffJobs" button in the right menu bar. Remember, too that you have to have your resume uploaded and it must be approved by Career Services before you can proceed with signing up. Once logged in you will choose "Interview Schedules" from the top menu bar. The organization name on all mock interviews is "Mock Interview" the "Linked Job" contains information about who is conducting that interview schedule (the contact and his/her employer) and the "Interview Date" is the date of the interview.

Click on either the Schedule ID, Organization Name or Linked Job - then on the date on the next page. This will bring up all available timeslots with the word "Sign-up" on the far right. If there are no available timeslots that means that particular interview schedule is full and you will need to go back and make another schedule selection. There are no wait lists. If you do not sign up for an exact time with a specific interviewer, you are not scheduled for a mock interview.

Note that while every effort is made to ensure that you are able to interview with the individual with whom you sign up - because our employers are busy professionals volunteering their time, occasionally substitutions must be made, sometimes at the last minute. Because this experience is meant to assist you in your preparation for actual interviews we believe that who you interview with is not as important as actually participating in the mock interview itself. If a switch in interviewers must be made, students are not permitted to cancel after the deadline because they only wanted to meet with a specific employer or individual.

Call our office if you have any questions.

For fall and spring, appointments are available on the 1/2 hour between 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM; in the summer appointments are on the 1/2 hour between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM.


Spring 2017

January 30, Monday
February 16, Thursday

March 28, Tuesday
April 12, Wednesday

April 25, Tuesday
May 1, Monday

Summer 2017

  • June 28th, Wednesday
  • July 27th, Thursday
  • August 14th, Monday


Cancel as soon as you know you cannot attend. Because our interviewers are volunteering their time to assist our students, we need to be respectful of their time.

If you must cancel, let us know by noon the PRIOR business day. For example, if you have a mock interview scheduled for Monday, you must cancel by noon the Friday before. If your interview is on Tuesday, you must cancel by noon the Monday before, etc. Up until the day before your scheduled interview, you can simply log in to BuffJobs and remove yourself from the schedule. After that you must call our office to cancel.

If you cancel late or do not show up for a scheduled interview, you will be required to meet with a career services staff member where you bring the letter of apology you've written to the recruiter with whom you were scheduled to interview. Until you write this letter and have it reviewed by our staff member, you will be blocked from participating in Career Services activities, including on campus interviews, mock interviews, applying for jobs through BuffJobs and attending our events.

There are no exceptions to this policy.