International OPT Reporting Requirements

OPT Reporting Requirements

All students on OPT must report to Kristine Combs, Director of International Student Office at with the following information

Employment Information

  • More than 90 days of unemployment on OPT is considered to be a violation of  F-1 status. This is a total number over the course of your entire OPT time. Note that the 90-day clock starts from the date your OPT is approved and/or the start date has been reached.
  • All students on OPT are required to report the following information: Your name, name of your employer, address of your employer, name of your supervisor and phone number of your supervisor.
  • International Student Office will in turn update this information in SEVIS. Updating your employment allows DHS (Department of Homeland Security) to verify that you are currently employed and not in violation of the 90-day unemployment rule.
  • If you change your employer, you should send an update with the same information
  • If your plans change, such as if you decide to return to your home country and forego OPT, or if you change your immigration status, please send an email. It is important that we update your SEVIS record with accurate information about your immigration status.

Change of Address

  •  As long as you are in F-1 status (this includes when you are on OPT), you are required to update your local address.

Change of Name

  • If you change your name due to marriage or for any other reason, please contact the International Student Office (ISO) so that we can update your I-20 document.