International Online Courses

Online Classes

During your academic studies, you may find options for taking an “online” course.  An “online” course as defined by the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) is any course that does not require your presence in a traditional classroom setting.

Students should be aware that the USCIS has set limits on the number of “online” courses a student may take each semester to maintain their visa status. Below are guidelines for complying with the requirements:

Graduate Students:

                    Full time = 9 credit hours (fall and spring semesters)

                    Only 3 “online” credit hours

Undergraduate Students:

                    Full time = 12 credit hours (fall and spring semesters)

                    Only 3 “online” credit hours

When a student takes more than the required full time course load, he/she may opt to take more than one “online” course.  However, if the student must drop a course for any reason, they may encounter an immigration violation if they drop a course that is being counted towards the full time load requirement.

Students should consult with an immigration adviser in the International Student Office if they have questions concerning “online” courses and F-1 or J-1 student status.