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Online Resume Workshop

The online workshop is designed to assist our students and alumni in creating a professional resume.  Our guidelines have been developed through input from employers who attend our job fairs and recruit through our office, as well as by staff research into the latest trends in resume preparation.

Our resume workshop is also offered "live" in our office - We encourage you to attend one of these "live" one hour workshops if at all possible. Days and times vary each week. Please check the current schedule or call our office if you have questions.

As you approach writing your resume, it is important to know that this is a marketing piece, an advertisement, for your unique set of skills, abilities and experience. It is a tool that you use to gain an interview. Employers today want to know “What can you do for me?” …It is up to you to do the research and discover what employers in your field seek in a prospective employee. A resume today is not the "historical" document it was years ago, it is now a fluid and changing document which must be personalized and targeted to be effective.

In marketing terms, we'd like you to think of your resume as a billboard. It is not going to be possible to list every single item of interest about yourself in this document - you need to identify what will be of interest to your target audience and highlight that information.

We invite you to go through this workshop from start to finish - it will take less than an hour. After doing so, if you are a current student or alumnus of West Texas A&M University feel free to contact our office if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!

In order to qualify for an in-person review of your resume, we require that you attend a resume workshop in person OR complete this online tutorial. At the end of the tutorial, you will want to complete the email verification form in order for us to know you are eligible for an in person review.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access some of the information in this workshop.  Get Acrobat Reader
NOTE: This is a free download.

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General Resume Information

What Will a Resume Do For Me?
What Is Focus In a Resume and Why Should Mine Be Sharp?
I Need My Resume to Distinguish Me From Everyone Else, How Do I Do That?
Are There Any Absolute Rules of Resume Writing?
What Are the Other (Sometimes Breakable) Rules of Resume Writing?
Will I Have More Than One Version of My Resume?
Are There Different Styles of Resumes?

Resume Contents

How Do I Get Started?
What Must I Have on My Resume?
What Else Can Be Included on My Resume?
What Should Never Be on My Resume?
How Do I List My Name?
What Contact Information Should I Include?
Do I need an Objective?
What Is Included Under Education?
Should I put my GPA on my resume?
Licenses and Certifications – Do I include them?
Does Coursework Belong on my Resume?
What About High School?
What About Junior College?
Where do I list Academic Awards, Honors, and Recognition?

How do I develop my Summary of Qualifications / Profile / Skills section?
    - Approach Number 1
    - Approach Number 2
    - Approach Number 3
    - Qualifications Basics

How Do I List Jobs Within the Experience Section?
Where Do I Put My Activities and Honors?
What About Hobbies and Interests?


Recommended Type/Design Details
What About Paper?
What About Sending/Mailing?
Scannable Resume Information

Cover Letters, References, and Curriculum Vitae

Who Can I Use As a Reference and How Do I Format the Reference Page?
When & Why Do I Need A Cover Letter?
How about a Curriculum Vitae?

Examples and Formats AND What Now?

Intern Resume Format Sheet, Examples & Guidelines

Graduating (Full Time) Resume Format Sheet, Examples & Guidelines

Teacher Resume Format Sheet, Examples & Guidelines

Part Time Resume Format Sheet, Examples & Guidelines

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