Career Services Resume Getting Started

How Do I Get Started?

  • Get a job announcement or description for the job, or type of job, you are seeking, if possible. If you are not targeting a specific position at this time, go online and find 4-5 job descriptions which interest you. You can then work from a compilation of these jobs.
  • Make a list of all extracurricular activities you are involved in (clubs, Greek organizations, honor organizations, major-specific fraternities, intramurals, etc.)
  • List all academic honors and scholarships you've received.
  • Compile a list of all community activities of which you are a part (PTA, church committees, social clubs, volunteer work, etc.)
  • Gather together job descriptions from your past positions. If you haven´t saved copies of these, you should from now on!
  • List what things friends/relatives/peers come to you for help with. This may assist you in identifying strengths you would not otherwise recognize in yourself.
  • Print out this RESUME OUTLINE WORKSHEET but don't fill it out yet! We will walk through each resume section individually.


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