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Are There Different Styles of Resumes?

Yes, there are! Our workshop focuses on developing a targeted resume that is then presented in either a traditional, visual, or online format. If you are interested in another style (or an employer has specifically requested a chronological or functional style document) feel free to search for examples online.

Targeted Resume (Traditional)

  • Resume with a separate skills or profile section (Summary of Qualifications maybe) that highlight for the reader the knowledge, skills, and abilities you possess that the position or industry to which you are applying requires
  • Also includes educational history, work history, and, if applicable, an activities and honors or community/volunteer involvement section

Visual Resume

  • Visual resumes use graphics and color to present your skills and experience to an employer
  • Typically this style is used by those in the creative or graphic arts fields
  • Content will mirror that of a targeted resume, only the presentation will differ

Web Portfolio

  • An online collection of electronic evidence (examples) of your abilities and achievements
  • Used by individuals whose body of work can be showcased visually or through the use of audio or video
  • Can include a traditional resume



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