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Are There Different Styles of Resumes?

Yes, there are three main resume styles. The chronological and functional styles have been around for a long time. Employers today are requesting the targeted style. Our workshop focuses on developing a targeted resume. If you are interested in one of the other styles (or an employer has specifically requested a chronological or functional style document) feel free to search for examples online.


  • Somewhat like a functional resume, but focuses on a specific (targeted) position
  • Another way to accomplish this goal is to do a targeted cover letter and have different versions of your resume


  • Presents your working life in historical perspective
  • Organized by company/job titles/responsibilities
  • Written in reverse chronological order, that is, most recent experience is listed first


  • Organized by skill sets and experiences
  • Employment history is a separate section
  • Good for college students, especially if their past experience is diverse and/or unrelated to their career objective upon graduation.


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