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Visual Resumes and Web Portfolios

New arrivals to the traditional job search playing field are visual resumes and web portfolios. Job seekers in fields such as graphic design, marketing, visual arts and mass communication have been using these two tools for some time now. Visual resumes and web portfolios are now making their way into the mainstream job search tool chest. One important thing to remember is that the content these graphic documents needs to mirror that of the traditional resume!

Visual Resume

A visual resume is a document that maps your professional development and accomplishments in a timeline or infographic. It is brief and uses strong graphical elements rather than text to sell yourself.

Visual Resume Example

Sources for developing a visual resume:

 Web Portfolio

A web portfolio is a collection of electronic evidence of ones abilities and achievements that is managed by the user. Web portfolios are an effective way to prove ones knowledge, skills and abilities by showcasing actual bodies of work.

Web Portfolio Screenshot


Sources for developing a web portfolio:


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