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When and Why Do I Need a Cover Letter?

  • Other names for a cover letter include "letter of application" or "letter of interest."
  • Any time you send your resume to an employer it should be accompanied by a cover letter.
  • A cover letter acts as an introduction for your interest in the organization/position.
  • A cover letter also stands as a sample of your writing skills, so be sure to make it the best possible sample you can.
  • If you are sending your resume via email - the cover letter is the email message itself.

The following is a cover letter format as well as 3 sample cover letters for you to consider, illustrating different approaches:

Sample Cover Letter Packet

Do not copy these - yours should be unique. However, these examples should give you some ideas on formatting and style. Be creative, professional and individual!

Find out how to use the cover letter to separate you from the applicant crowd!

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