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What Is A "Scannable" Resume?

  • Some employers may ask you for a scannable version of your resume.
  • Scannable resumes are typically not much to look at, so if you know or believe that a company will be scanning your resume, send two versions (one scannable, one for human viewing), using a Post-It note to indicate the scannable version.
  • Rules are somewhat different for scannable resumes. The scanners tend to look for keywords (Nouns), as opposed to the verbs you would use on a print resume so you will need to rewrite your current resume for scanning probably.
  • There should be no italics, script, underlining, bullets, graphics, shading, multiple columns, vertical lines. Basically, no formatting whatsoever. Use a basic sans-serif font – Arial, Helvetica, etc.
  • Use a high-quality printer and print on plain white paper.
  • Many companies that request scannable resumes offer tips on how to format a resume for their scanners. Be sure to check out each specific company’s website or utilize your contacts within that organization to see if they have guidelines to follow.
  • Visit Quintessential Careers Scannable Resumes - a good web resource for scannable resumes


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