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Where Do I Put My Activities and Honors?

We recommend that you put this section after your Employment History unless it is the main source of your KSAs (that is your campus or community activities/involvement are the place you have developed your marketable skills) in which case you should consider putting it before employment history.

  • Include scholarships, honors, organizations, and memberships.
  • Community work, volunteer work, is also appropriate to list here.
  • You don't have to include everything you've been involved with if it is overwhelming. Keep your goal in mind (getting that interview) and give enough information to allow the reader (i.e., potential employer) what s/he needs to make that decision.
  • Remember, don’t include anything from before college unless it is truly an exceptional feat.
  • Rank these items from 'most impressive' or 'most relevant' to 'least impressive' or 'least relevant' as it relates to your job target.
  • Name this section what it is. If it is all community work – Community Involvement – would be a good name; if it is all clubs and organizations – call it Activities; if it is all honors – call it Honors.

Are There Activities That I Shouldn’t List?

Some activities we are involved in may be controversial. For example: political affiliated groups or volunteer work or church activities. We call these "hot buttons" and our advice is:

  1. IF that activity or membership is SO important to you that you would not want to work somewhere that it wasn’t ‘ok’ then    include it on the resume, but...
  2. IF you are more interested in the opportunity and would just as soon wait to let them know that you are a Democrat or a Baptist, leave it off or list it generically, for example: Sunday School Teacher



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