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Developing a Summary of Skills / Qualifications/ Profile section. Approach #3

The following are questions designed to help you develop your Qualifications or Skills section - NOTE!! - do not use any of the worksheet statements or phrases word-for-word. Obviously, they are available to thousands of people and some (many?) will plagiarize them!

What have I really done since most of my employment experience is in entry-level positions?

The Key Traits worksheet may jump-start your brain to begin thinking creatively about your abilities and skills.

How do I take 'summer and part-time job experience' and show what I can do in a professional position?

The Identifying your Skills and Attributes worksheet assists you in taking basic jobs and translating the skills you've developed from these jobs into attributes for professional opportunities. An example is given.

How do I choose which skills are best to put on a résumé?

Identify your five best transferable skills using the Transferable Skills worksheet.

What is a thorough approach to identifying my skills?

The Skills Inventory worksheet helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in five key areas:

  1. Technical Skills
  2. Performance Skills
  3. Basic Skills
  4. Thinking Skills
  5. Personal Qualities.

Use the information obtained to develop qualification statements of attributes you will bring to your next employer.

How can I phrase my qualification statements most effectively?

For a powerful effect, begin each qualification statement with an action verb or for those which can be quantified, a number.

How do I speak the language of the employer?

A job description tells you what an employer is looking for. Speak his language. Use industry-specific language and keywords to demonstrate your knowledge and skills.

Are there any interactive tools that will help me develop a skills profile?

The MyPlan career assessment utilized by our career counselors at WT contains a skills profiler which may be helpful to you. It is free - be sure to call our office for the current license code so there is no cost to you.


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