Career Services Resume Qualifications 3

Developing a Summary of Skills / Qualifications/ Profile section. 

Now you are ready to write your statements.

Final step! Look at your completed worksheet and see which of the lines (the KSAs) you have a column B and a column C for ... these are all potential knowledge, skills, and abilities for you to use in this section.

Take your cue from the job description and from your research, the more often a KSA appears (and the higher it appears in the description) the more important it likely is to the job and the employer and thus the more important it is for you to include if you are able. If you do not have a column B AND column C entry for a KSA - do not include it on the resume!

You will now draft statements of what it is you CAN DO to assist this employer, based on what it is you know the employer is seeking. 

A few KEY notes about these statements: 

  1. They will not be complete sentences NOR will you use any personal pronouns (i.e., no "I" or "my")
  2. They are NOT a list of things you've done, but rather are things you CAN DO ... knowing what it is the job you seek requires. 
  3. Begin each qualification statement with an action verb and each one with a different word. Some examples of 'beginning words' might be Skilled ... Capable ... Knowledgeable ... Able ... Proficient ... Proven ability to ... etc.
  4. Use the language of the employer. Remember to use industry-specific language and keywords you've learned from your research to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in terms the employer can easily understand.

Final comments on this section... take your time and do it right!

This is not something that should or can be rushed. Do the research, match up your experience, skills, and knowledge, and then craft concise statements of your ability to contribute to your potential employer. We, in Career Services, are happy to help you with this, however, we are not able to write them for you. Only you know where you've been, what you've done, and where you are headed ... but we are here to ask you questions and work with you to be sure you are presenting yourself in the best possible way. 



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