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Career Services Resume Qualifications 2

Developing a Summary of Skills / Qualifications/ Profile section. Approach #2.

This approach looks first at identifying your strengths, skills, and abilities.

  • List job duties, one at a time, from past jobs and from campus involvement, etc. using the Job Duty/Task Analysis Form.
  • From these duties, identify what transferable skills you developed and write these in the middle column of the worksheet. Remember, typically an employer doesn't want to know what you did for someone else. S/he wants to know what you can do for his/her organization.
  • If there is a result (an accomplishment) related to the job duty, put it in the 3rd column of the worksheet. This information may or may not be included in the Summary area, but would probably be used under the specific job to illustrate your on-the-job success in the Work History section of the resume.


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