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Developing a Summary of Skills / Qualifications/ Profile section. 

Next - match up your skills & experience with those sought by the employer. 

Remember that you want your resume to showcase the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) you possess that your potential employer seeks in a new hire. You've done your research into what these KSAs are ... now you need to see how it is that you match up!

We’ve developed an easy to follow chart to help you work through the process of what to include on each resume you write. Here is a snapshot (but you can download the PDF here):

KSA worksheet

Take each of the individual knowledge, skills, and abilities you identified in step one as be needed for your target position and list one per line in column A. 

Remember that these might be personal attributes such as organizational skills or customer service ability ... OR technical skills like knowing a specific computer language or being able to read and interpret social media analytics ... OR skills like public speaking ability or knowledge of GAAP and so on. Whatever it is that the job you seek requires … each KSA goes on a separate line in column A.

What we want you to do next is to think about the WHERE ... where have you demonstrated this particular KSA. So, step two is to match yourself up and list your where in Column B. This could be at a particular job, as part of a class, a club or organization to which you belong, or even a volunteer experience or hobby you enjoy. Oftentimes, students think they can only use work related experiences on their resume, but this is not true. Remember too, that if you don’t possess a particular skill, your Column B on that line will be empty.

The final step for this process is to come up with an actual, real-life example of you demonstrating each KSA that you’ve identified in column B. So, if your column A skill is public speaking – your column B may be a class or club … and column C would be an example, i.e., “As a member of Gamma Gamma Gamma, I am often called upon to present workshops in turtle musicianship to community groups.” OR “During my internship at Elias Enterprises, I researched industry leaders’ use of social media and made a presentation to upper level management about ways we could improve our Instagram account.” And so on. Each Column B response must have a tangible real-life example in Column C.

As you can see, this is going to change (maybe just a little, but maybe dramatically) each time you apply for another job. 



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