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Developing a Summary of Skills / Qualifications/ Profile section. 

This section may be the hardest to write when developing your resume. Doing the work to write a truly effective summary section is well worth the effort though, so you are encouraged to slow down and take your time to do this step by step!

Begin by determining what an employer seeks or needs.

Start by researching the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) you possess that the reader, i.e., your potential employer seeks in a new hire. This can typically be done by thoroughly reading the job description and/or position vacancy announcement. Look at job duties, position requirements and preferences, desired traits, along with knowledge/skills/abilities.

If you are developing your resume for a database or a class, not for a specific job, this step can be accomplished by gathering job descriptions/vacancy notices from various websites. Get 5-6 different notices or job descriptions and note the common traits and experiences sought. Don't worry about where these jobs are located. You're not really applying for them - you're just trying to get a feel for what employers are looking for in a successful candidate!

One resource to find potential opportunities is BuffJobs/Handshake. The postings in this database are from around the country and across a wide variety of industries but are targeting WTAMU students and alumni. Another terrific resource for occupational information is the O*NET (use the Occupation Quick Search at the top right of the screen) offered by the US Department of Labor and featuring an exhaustive list of KSAs for a large number of US occupations. 

Finally, an immensely valuable research tool that is often overlooked is to network (both in-person and electronically) with individuals who work in your target profession and/or at your target employers. You can gain more useful information from a ‘live’ connection than you’d ever imagine! Take time NOW to do this research. 



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