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Does Coursework Belong on my Resume?

It is okay to include a Relevant Coursework or Related Courses section. Typically you will do so only if you are seeking a co-op or intern position, in which case, you will have a section under Education where you list the relevant courses by name (i.e., Managerial Accounting (not ACCT 3431).)

However, some disciplines (such as Environmental Science) do like or recommend that you include a relevant coursework section. When in doubt, research! Check with a trusted professor, our office or even your professional contacts. (This would be a perfect question to ask recruiters at a job fair or a mentor on a job shadow experience.)

If you took a course that is one which other students with your major would not take and it would be advantageous for a particular position, you'll definitely want to include it on your job search materials - perhaps in your cover letter or as part of your qualifications or profile section.


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