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What Is Included Under Education?

All post-secondary institutions from which you (a) have a degree or (b) expect to receive a degree. If you attended another university or a junior college, but did not earn a degree - our recommendation would be to not include that institution here. You will still include your history that took place while you were a student at this school, but will not list  the school itself.

  • Institution name, city, and state
  • Degree/major - be sure to get the exact name of your degree and list it here! If you don’t know, check your degree plan or check with your advisor or dean’s office.
    • Bachelor of Science in Biology
    • BA in History
    • Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance
    • BBA in Marketing
    • BS in Interdisciplinary Studie
  • Graduation (or expected graduation) Month and Year - rather than state you are a Senior, let the reader know when you will graduate. It could be 3 months or it could be 2 years! So instead of attendance dates, we would have you include the month and year you plan to graduate (guesstimate if you are not sure), i.e., May 2019 projected

You may choose to include certifications or test results here if they are pertinent to the opportunity for which you are applying. Examples of this would be teacher certification exams or the nursing NCLEX exam.


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