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Do I need an OBJECTIVE?

Perhaps. Some say yes, others no.

  • Many believe that it has value in conveying to the reader why you are sending the resume, i.e., what position or type of position you are seeking. Ideally target your objective to include job title desired, position level, field, industry, and/or company name.
  • Keep it focused on what you can do for the company, NOT what you want the company to do for you… no statements like: to gain valuable experience, etc.
  • Avoid the words "entry level" ~ we recommend "professional" instead.
  • If through your networking and/or research you learn that the employer to whom you are targeting this document has a preference - follow that. So if your contact says, "Objectives are a waste of time." - do not use one. If your research indicates that this organization values a well written objective - by all means, include one.
  • If you do not have a definitive yes or no from the organization, use your own judgment. If you believe it adds interest, value and focus to your resume - write one. If you believe your resume is better off without one, you can omit.
  • Remember though that if you do include one, it should be very brief, focused on what you offer and not what you need ... and definitely is not a complete sentence.

Objective Statement Examples

  • A professional position in the field of information technology leading to managerial responsibilities
  • To obtain professional employment in the criminal justice field
  • To obtain a professional position in a business environment to where my strong customer service background and computer skills will be utilized
  • To obtain an internship in the area of Computer Information Systems
  • Seeking a Human Resources position where I can utilize my communication skills, education and experience
  • To obtain a co-op position in software development and/or testing to develop quality, reliable software
  • To obtain a professional position with a technical company utilizing my engineering and math skills
  • Seeking a full time position in management or sales which will utilize my supervisory abilities


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