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What Contact Information Should
I Include My Resume?

PHONE Number

  • Choose one phone number to list, either your mobile or home phone.
  • Be sure that your voicemail is operational (or answering machine if it is a landline) and that your outgoing message is professional.  Remember, this may be the first impression you make on a potential employer!
  • Disable any ringback tones you may have enabled. An employer does not want to listen to your favorite song while waiting for you to answer!
  • Use your caller ID. If you receive a call and are not in a position to have a professional conversation, do not answer it. Rather let it go to voicemail and return the call when you are able.


  • While you will not likely receive an initial contact via 'snail-mail' it is still important to include your mailing address (again only one though!)
  • Exception to this is if you are posting online, in which case you should only include an email address.


  • Email is a great way to communicate and for some employers, the only way they will make initial contact. Be sure to include an email address which you check on a regular basis (everyday!) Employers will expect to hear back from you soon.
  • Ensure that your email address also projects your professional image ~ addresses like 2hot2handle@mail.com or braindeadat21@hottie.org would not be appropriate! Your @buffs.wtamu.edu email would work. Just use your common sense.


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