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Career Services Job Search Workshop - 6 Doable Steps

6 Steps To Finding A Job


Are you lost?  What in the World Are You Going To Do With Your Life?

The Answer These 6 Steps!

Step 1                

What:            Create your “David Letterman Top 10 List” of desirable occupations.

 Why:            Know what you want and pursue it with passion! This is the key to landing the jobs of your dreams. You
                      need multiple options to guarantee success--regardless of the job market.  Ten good options equal ten times the

How:            1.  Take MyPlan

                     2.  Follow-up with a Career Counselor. 806.651.2345

                                      3.  Research, research, research! Look for the five key facts (easily found on MyPlan). An occupation cannot go
              on your list until you know the scoop.

a.    What do workers in this occupation really do all day?

b.    What training is required to enter this occupation? To move up the career ladder?

c.    What does this occupation pay at the entry level? As you advance up the career ladder?

d.    What is the job outlook for this occupation? Is it expected to grow, decline, or stay the same?

e.  Who hires people in this field?  Which industries? Which employers?

Resources:  MyPlan.  Contact CCS at 806.651.2345 for the assessment code

                       O’Net Online

                       Occupational Outlook Handbook

                       My Top 10 List

    Career Counselors at WT, contact at 806.651.2340 for an appointment

Step 2

What:             Find job descriptions for the jobs on your "Top 10 List."

Why:              Market yourself effectively! Job descriptions tell you exactly what the employer wants. These details are
                       worth their weight in gold. Use job descriptions to identify skill words, terms used in the industry, and precisely
                       what employers are paying people to do.  Use the job description to see how you stack-up and to sell yourself on
                       your resume, cover letter, and in the interview.

How:              1. Look on the Internet for job postings on sites like Career Services’ website. You'll find thousands of links where you can find job openings and print job descriptions.

                              2.  Make an appointment with a professional in Career Services to show you how to use the job description to flesh-out the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities the employer seeks and how you can prove you have what it takes.

Resources:   Buff Jobs:  For current WTAMU students and alumni

Job posting links on CCS web site

Job Description To Qualifications Made Easy

Step 3

What:             Write a résumé and a cover letter to match the job descriptions you gathered for the jobs on your "Top 10 List."

Why:              Good resumes get interviews! Stand out by submitting a resume and cover letter targeted specifically to the jobs you are seeking. This will put you ahead of hundreds of other applicants seeking the positions you want.

How:              Attend Career Services résumé workshop where you’ll learn the secrets to writing a résumé that will get you an interview. Workshops are scheduled regularly throughout the year. We also have the workshop on our website.

Resources:  Résumé workshops offered by CCS

                       Online résumé workshop

                       Job Description To Qualifications Made Easy

Step 4

What:             Learn how to interview effectively. Master informational interviews and job interviews.

Why:              Interviews are your opportunities to shine! Acing an interview is simple if you know a few basics that we can teach you. 

How:                1. Read and practice the tips and strategies in our Informational Interviewing workshop.  Informational interviews are meetings with people working in the field of your interest.  They give you a personal point of view about the occupation.

                         2. Read and practice the tips and strategies given in our Interviewing workshop. These workshops are on our website so you can access them 24/7/365.  Our on-line workshops contain a plethora (a lot) of useful tips.

                         3. Participate in Career Services Mock Interviews.  Here, you get to practice interviewing with actual HR professionals who volunteer to coach you on how to interview with strength and confidence.  These are the folks that hire people in the "real world" and they know who makes the cut.  Look up the Mock Interview dates on the Career Services' website.

Resources:   Interviewing Workshop – online

                        Informational Interviewing Workshop – online

                        Mock interview program

Step 5

What:             Network

Why:              Dream jobs are found by tapping the hidden job market! Eighty percent of all currently available jobs are
                       not posted or advertised anywhere and can only be accessed by networking.
Have you heard, “It is not so much
                       what you know but who you know”? Networking multiplies who you know and therefore who can connect you to
                       the opportunities that never get published.  It is easier than you think!

How:              1. Watch both of our excellent DVDs on these topics.  Come to Career Services to get this done.

                       2. Conduct informational interviews with everyone you know and the people they know.

                       3. Use the networking handouts provided by Career Services.

Resources:  DVD – The Action Job Kit. Located in Career Services

                        DVD – Tapping The Hidden Job Market. Located in Career Service

                        Typical Job-Hunting System

                        How Jobs Are Created & Who Does The Hiring?

                        Your Current Contact Network

                        Ten Ways To Find Employers

                        Gather The List Of Employers

Step 6

What:             Organize the job search process. Be purposeful. Be accountable.

Why:              Manage the details to land the job! A good system is essential.  Without easy access to critical information,
                        you might drop a very important ball.  That ball might be the lead that takes you to your dream job. 

How:              Use the tools provided to you by Career Services to organize your job search.

Resources:  General Network Record

                        Target Record

                        Job Search Productivity Chart

                        Summary Progress Report 


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