Career Services Interviewing Workshop

Interviewing Workshop - Before the Interview


Behavioral vs Traditional Interviewing

Prepare for Both the Traditional and Behavioral Interview

Traditional Interview

Questions deal with hypothetical situations "What would you do if ....?"  and generally include questions such as "Tell us about yourself" or "What did you do in your position with XYZ Corporation?"

Behavioral Interview

A technique used by employers in which the questions asked assist the employer in making predictions about a potential employee's future success based on past behaviors.   These question deal with real life examples.  "Tell us about a time when you had a conflict with a co-worker and how you resolved it."

Examples of behavioral interviewing questions

Practice, Practice, Practice

You must practice your responses to interview questions. It is unwise to go to any interview without spending considerable time thinking about how you will respond to questions.  A search on the internet will produce a wealth of sample questions and there are numerous books available in Career & Counseling Services containing interview questions.

Mock Interview Nights

Career & Counseling Services offers a Mock Interview Night each month during the long semesters and twice in the summer for West Texas A&M University students and alumni. A Mock Interview consists of a professional from the community acting as a recruiter conducting a 30 minute practice interview.  This individual will ask you questions and observe your responses and behavior.  At the end of the interview you will be given an evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses.  You must sign up in advance to participate, visit the Mock Interview program webpage for details.

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