Career Services Interviewing Workshop

Interviewing Workshop - After the Interview

The Interview Kit

Be prepared!

Leave your book bag, backpack, etc. locked up in the car.  Carry only the bare necessities!  Women can carry their purses if they are small along with their portfolio.

Professional Portfolio Folder:

  • Buy or borrow a nice vinyl or leather folder to carry the following to the interview:
  • Extra copies (on quality paper) of your resume and references.  You may be interviewing with a committee, make sure each of them has a 'nice' copy of your resume... not one that was photocopied, faxed or emailed.
  • An official transcript which indicates your degree(s).
  • A notepad and pen.  Your ink pen needs to be either black or blue.
  • Your list of questions to ask the interviewer(s).
  • Anything else the interviewer has specifically asked you to bring.  Samples of your work, recommendation letters, etc.

Kit For The Car or Home:

  • Quality stationery or note cards. Write your thank you note(s) immediately after the interview!
  • For women - extra hosiery and make-up to freshen up if needed.
  • For men - an extra tie.


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