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Interviewing Workshop - Before the Interview


Dress for Success

Dress Appropriately!

Know the Company's Culture:

From your earlier company research, you will have an idea of appropriate business dress for the company.  Appropriate dress for a CPA firm is probably going to be different than that of a meat-processing facility.  Someone interviewing at a retail establishment catering to teenagers would be expected to dress differently than someone interviewing at a bank.  If you are in doubt about what to wear, CALL the company and ask.

General Guidelines:

FOR MEN:  a suit is usually best.  Wear a long sleeve white shirt, conservative tie and dark socks.  If you don't own a suit, wear a dark sport coat and dress slacks.

FOR WOMEN:  a suit is also best.  If you don't own a suit, a business-like dress or skirt and blouse is recommended.  Wear flesh colored hose, no tights or patterns.

FOR ALL:  Now is not the time to be flashy!  Keep your extra jewelry at home.  One ring per hand is plenty, one earring per ear for women (earrings not recommended for men.)  No other piercings should be visible.  Go light on the cologne and other "smelly things" as well.  Make sure your shoes are clean, polished and in good repair.  Stop in front of a mirror after you've arrived at the company - preferably in a restroom, not in the lobby or the interviewer's office -  and do a last minute check of your appearance. Look up your nose, at your teeth and make sure your trousers are zipped.


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