Career Services Interviewing Workshop

Interviewing Workshop - Before the Interview


Know The Company

The more information you have about a prospective employer, the better prepared you will be during the Interview. Knowing about the organization's products, trends, and employment requirements are vital to your interview preparation.

Company/Organization Information - General Knowledge

  • Name of company
  • Growth history of company
  • Anticipated growth of company Where do they rank in the industry in size and sales?
  • Current problems of company Chief Competitors)
  • Location and number of plants, offices, and stores of company
  • Parent company
  • Subsidiaries
  • Major activity of company
  • How many employees do they have?
  • What are their sales figures from last year?  Projections for this year?
  • Description of position for which I am applying
  • Major duties of the position
  • Geographical location of position
  • Minimum requirements for the position
  • Deadline for application and starting date of position
  • Salary range
  • Recent items in the news

Additionally, how do you match up with the company based on this research

  • My related experience
  • My indirectly related experience
  • My community or school activities as they relate to the position

Career Services' website has more information to assist you with in researching companies.

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