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Rejection - How to Handle It


Fact: You have to have ten interviews to get one job offer.

This means you will have to face nine rejections to receive one job offer. Knowing this, you should not feel quite so bad if you do not get a job offer. If you are fortunate you get a phone call telling you that you were not selected for the position. Other times you will get a "Dear John" letter stating that the position was offered to another candidate and thanking you for your interest.

How you handle the rejection if paramount. Most importantly for your ego and secondly for your professionalism in the eyes of the employer. It is critical that you face the rejection with class and grace. Who knows, their first choice may back out, quit in a very brief period of time, or another similar position could open up. If you handle the bad new gracefully today, you may be the big winner tomorrow.

If the recruiter contacts you by phone to let you know you were not selected, be disappointed but not devastated. With confidence and enthusiasm in your voice, thank them for the opportunity to interview, to meet them and that you enjoyed learning more about their company. Let them know that your interest in their business is still high and if some other opportunity in the future arises, you want to be considered. Immediately write a note to the recruiter thanking them for the opportunity to interview and for their personal phone call to let you know that you were not selected.

Should you receive a letter informing you that you did not get the job you still need to follow-up with a note to the recruiter. Include the same type of information as in the note mentioned above.

Sample Job Rejection Follow-up Letter

Move On

Dust the rejection of your feet and get up and move on. For every rejection you receive you are one step closer to a job offer. For every twenty resumes you send out you will get one interview. For every ten interviews you get one job offer. Do the math - you have to send out 200 resumes to get ten interviews to get one job offer.

A key point here is that you must be sending resumes to jobs that are AVAILABLE and ADVERTISED, not just sending resumes to random businesses in hopes that there is a job opening.

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