Career Services Interviewing Workshop

Interviewing Workshop - After the Interview

Follow Up

Write Thank You notes.

Send one to each and every one of your interviewers - personally. Why not just write them in your car in the parking lot and drop in the mail on your way home?  If you do not have the time then, make sure you do it that evening and get them in the mail the next day.

Sample Thank You Letters

Provide other requested documents and information such as transcripts, references, copies of licensures, etc.

Maintain contact with the company. Wait until the day after they told you you'd hear from them and call. Let them know you're extremely interested in the position - but don't be a nuisance! Find out where they are in their decision-making process, again ask if they need any more information from you. Persevere... you must be your own advocate in this process. Keep detailed records of who, what, and where for each company.

Keeping track will help you see when to contact a company - and to see if you've done so excessively. It also helps to know who told you something and who you sent those transcripts to, etc.

Sample Tracking for XYZ Corporation

1/15/09 mailed resume to: Mr. Tom Thomas, WTAMU Box 60728, Canyon, Texas  79016-0001

1/20/09 called Mr. Thomas to follow up on receipt of resume.  Spoke with Kathy Katherine (his administrative assistant) - she said they received it 1/18/09 and would begin interviewing when the position was "officially closed" which would be 2/1/09.

2/2/09 called Mr. Thomas to check on interview status.  Scheduled an interview with him and Dr. Bob Roberts on 2/4/09 at 9:30 am at XYZ Headquarters. Bring my references and an official copy of my transcript.


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