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West Texas A&M University Career and Counseling Services' staff is committed to providing our students with the tools and information needed to be successful in the job search, including how to interview effectively. This is not a quick-fix approach that can be done the night before or the morning of a big interview (although better late than never!) but rather a process that a job seeker should begin immediately upon making the decision to enter the job market.

There are three stages of an interview, before, during and after. The workshop is divided up into those stages to make it easier for you to negotiate. Feel free to complete this workshop at your pace or skip straight to the questions you need answers to most.

Consider participating in a mock interview with an employer from the area. We host these events one night each month during the long semester. Good luck in your job search and please contact us if we can further assist you.

Effective interviewing is a skill that can be improved through preparation and practice. Oftentimes, individuals do not make the necessary preparations and then, when the interview is less-than-successful, dismiss the experience with the statement  "I am just not good at interviewing." This is not the case, it just takes PRACTICE and preparation!

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About Y-O-U
Know the Company
Verify the Particulars
Dress for Success
The Interview Kit
Behavioral vs Traditional Interviewing

First Impressions
Answering Questions
Asking Questions
Seal the Deal

Follow Up
Handling Rejection

Phone Interviews
Panel Interviews
Video Interviews

Additional Information & Downloads

Interview and Business Dress Handout
60-Second Commercial Examples
Behavioral Interviewing Handout
Short Story Technique Handout
Visit our Miscellaneous Job Search Tools page for more information about interviewing including a virtual interview website as well as additional online resources on behavioral, informational, telephone and third party interviews.

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