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Intern Testimonials

Photo of Evan

Evan Pietsch is a CIS major from Amarillo. He recently landed a full-time job with Microsoft. Listen to an interview with Evan about the process he went through. He has great insights and interviewing advice for the full-time job search, plus the importance of interning. Listen to what Evan has to say about the value of a WT education, and his advice for WT students.

Evan Pietsch, CIS major, from Amarillo, Texas

Dallas Bass- WT Select Intern, Fall 2009


The Co-op & Internship Program has been anexcellent opportunity. It has enabled me to obtain the necessary knowledge required in my field of interest and has also provided hands-on experience for my future career."

Gladys Kemei, biology major, former intern student with BSA Health System.

Photo of Kristina Bodin

"There is an insurmountable difference in the experience you get out in the field compared to textbook studies.  Personally, it is irreplaceable and I would recommend it to anyone."

Kristina Bodin, accounting major, former intern with the FDIC

Photo of Micki Allen

"The Disney Experience was great! I made wonderful friends and we continue to stay in touch. Disney was a once-in-a-lifetime experience where I developed skills that will look great on my résumé. My advice for students considering this internship is to realize it isn't all about the money. Learn all you can from the experience and have fun along the way."

Micki Allen, pre-med major, former intern with Disney

Photo of Cody Campbell

"The experience was definitely worth it. Working through the challenges increased my confidence and helped me gain strong problem-solving skills. I'm now even more confident and motivated to pursue my ultimate career goal of becoming a lawyer."

Cody Campbell, political science major, former Disney intern


Carlos Silva, who in 2006 received his degree in engineering technology from West Texas A&M University, parlayed an internship into a career that has the potential to make an impact on the world. Silva is a project engineer with GTM Manufacturing in Amarillo, a Jack B. Kelley company that builds high-pressure cylinders designed to capture and transport compressed natural gas (CNG), a by product of the oil-refining process that otherwise would be burned off into the atmosphere. GTM¹s high-tech cylinders can capture the CNG, which can then be transported to places throughout the world where it can be used as energy. It is an incredible technology for countries without line pipe CNG. Silva has been involved from the ground floor with GTM. He interned during the Fall of 2006 just as the company was being formed. He learned the engineering behind the product along with business, human resources, and the basics of starting a company. “It was an incredible experience that really allowed hands-on application of the concepts I was learning in class.” Silva’s internship confirmed that engineering was the field he wanted to pursue. He credits WT with preparing him for his career; however, he tells students that the learning doesn’t stop at graduation. “Never stop learning. There is always something else to learn and new knowledge you’ll need to progress in your career. ”Silva encourages students struggling to find an internship to not give up. “You never know when an opportunity will come. Don’t stop looking. If you stop looking, it will never happen. ”He knows real-life work experience, gained through internships, is crucial for students. Silva’s own experience allowed him to better understand his profession and make contacts which eventually led to a full-time position. Silva is a great example of a student who made the most of his experience and one who is now using his career to potentially make a huge impact on the world.