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MyPlan: Robust resources with in-depth occupational information.

Occupational Outlook Handbook: The OOH is a resource that describes jobs and identifies salary ranges, specific training and more.

O*Net: The Occupational Information Network is a comprehensive database of worker attributes and job characteristics. As the replacement for the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT), O*NET will be the nation's primary source of occupational information.

Career Insider: a searchable collection of hundreds of candid career reports written by" insiders", successful professionals who are actually doing the job.

CareerOneStop: Federally funded resource for career information and inspiration

Career Overview: offers a wealth of useful and reliable career, job and employment information provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Zone:  Careers based on the Holland Code

Degree Story: Where people share stories about their school and job journey

MyNextMove: Federally funded career resource web site that includes self assessments and occupational information.

Occupational Trends and Job Market Outlook: What are the hot jobs? Which ones pay the most? Answers to these questions and lots more in the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Panhandle Career Handbook: Occupational information specifically for the top 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle. Material focuses on occupations targeted for job training program.

Panhandle Workforce Development HIgh Demand Occupations

Pursue The Passion: Videos about people who followed their passion to discover careers that are rewarding and fulfilling

Reality Check: Fun tool to calculate the salary necessary to support your lifestyle. Suggests occupations that earn the amount your want to make.

Roadtrip Nation: Define your own road in life. Interviews with individuals who describe how they found their passion in the world of work.


MyPlan: Robust resources with in-depth occupational information.

Career Aptitude Tests and Assessments: A through collection of several interest, skills, and personality assessments.

CareerOneStop: Federally funded resource for career information and inspiration. Provides several links to self assessment tools.

O*Net Interest Profiler: Learn about your interests and how the world of work matches your Holland Code profile.

Texas CARES: Career assessments offered by the state of Texas.

The College Board: This is a career questionnaire that will rate your different interests from job environment to salary.

Team Technology: Myers Briggs Type Indicator information related to jobs and careers.

HumanMetrics Jung Typology Test: Free assessment that gives you your Myers Briggs Type.


Northern Illinois University: Their Career Services web site area has useful links to tons of career exploration information.

University of Waterloo: Their site has Steps to Career/Life Planning Success which helps you identify career choices.

University of North Carolina at Wilmington hosts a cool web tool called "What Can I do With A Major In....?" It will take you to a wealth of links for specific majors, including related career titles, major skills needed, and websites for job listings, career information and professional associations

What Can I do With a Graduate Degree in....?: Salisbury University's listing of graduate degrees with associated jobs and places of employment


Ontario,Ministry of Education: This contains a wealth of major assistance, for example, Career Profile, Planning and Questionnaire.


These steps to follow will help you choose a major or career wisely


Some information and tips on the finer points of conducting a job search may help you identify your future

Monster - the largest online job search information site

Top 500 Entry Level Employersas identified by CollegeGrad.com


We have a database that contains the books that can be found in our office. You can search by title, author, major or category.

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