Career Services Congratulations New Graduate!

WT student in graduation cap and gown shows Buffalo Horn hand sign.Congratulations Graduate!

Wondering how Career Services can help
you now that you've graduated?

Congratulations on your graduation from West Texas A&M University! 

The Career Services office's mission is to assist WT students and alumni in the job search process. So if you haven't already utilized our services, give us a call, stop by our office (CC 113) or keep reading to discover what we can do for you!

If you are already employed in your field and are not in the job market, know that we are here to help in the future if you need us! Also, if you haven't already done so, please contact us to provide the details of your post-graduation employment either by phone 806.651.2345 or email We compile university statistics regarding the employment status of our recent alumni and greatly appreciate your help in gathering this information.




Ways we can help:

Identifying Job Opportunities

Handshake - Online Jobs and Resume Database

Resume Development

Interviewing Assistance

Job Fairs, Career Events and EXPOs

Identifying Job Opportunities

Before you do anything about finding a job - you need to have a target in mind. Do you know what career field(s) interest you? Do you have specific job titles in mind? Are you looking at certain firms or organizations?

Knowing the answers to these questions is the first step towards conducting an effective job search. After all, if you don't have something to shoot at, how will you know when you've hit it?

Career  Services has a myriad of services to assist you with this. We offer an online assessment tool called MyPlan as well as in-person career counseling to help guide you through this important process.

A useful workshop we have online, FUNDAMENTAL TRUTHS ABOUT THE JOB HUNT, includes a step by step action plan for you to implement to systematically assist you in finding that ideal opportunity.

What to do if you do not know what to do and need a job? ... visit our 6 Doable Steps to Finding a Career workshop online. Finally we have a printable To-Do List for Getting a Job you can use!

In addition to these workshops, our website contains a lot of useful information on the job search and tools for effective searching including links to online jobs databases, Candid Career Videos on a variety of job search and career topics (click the link in the right menu bar) and links to several useful career guides.

Finally, we have DVDs on how to network and on "Tapping the Hidden Job Market." These are available for viewing in our office during regular hours at your convenience. Please call ahead to reserve time though, so you can be assured a computer will be available. 

Handshake - Online Job and Resume Database

Handshake is our online jobs and resume database open to all WTAMU students and recent alumni. Within this database you can search for jobs, do research on organizations and post multiple resumes to use in your job search.

Every WTAMU student has a Handshake account and you can log in using your university system credentials. If you need assistance with this, please call the ITSC 806.651.4357 or contact our office at 806.651.2345 or

Please contact our office with any questions regarding Handshake! 

Resume Development

An important step in your job search is developing a dynamic resume. Your immediate goal when sending your resume to apply for a position is to get an interview. Typically you are competing with many other candidates for a limited number of interview slots.

Because your resume is the first impression you make with a potential employer it is extremely important that you put your best foot forward and demonstrate for the reader why he or she should choose you to interview. In today's job market, a well written resume can make the difference (as can a poorly written one!)

The mission of our resume workshop is to help you develop the dynamic and effective resume you'll need to progress through your job search. We offer these 1 hour workshops 2-3 times each week in our office and 24/7 on the web. Visit our office for an in person workshop if at all possible, this will give you the most information. Workshops are held various days and times, click here for the current schedule of in person workshops. The online resume workshop is another option for you to gather info on how to develop and write an effective resume.

All workshops are held in our offices in the Student Success Center on the 1st floor of the Classroom Center. Our only requirement is that you not be late. In fairness to others participating, once the workshop begins, no one is allowed to enter.

Once you've attended a workshop, you are eligible to attend an in-person (or phone) review with one of our staff members. More details on having your resume reviewed, including an electronic option can be found here.

Interviewing Assistance

Interviewing is a skill, not an innate ability and you can improve your interview performance through careful preparation and practice. We offer opportunities for both.

Through our online interviewing workshop, you can gather information about how to prepare, what to wear, how to act and what to say during the interview, and finally, how to follow up effectively.

In addition, we host a mock interview event each month to provide students and new alumni the chance to practice these newfound skills with a real employer in our office. During the 30 minute interview, you will be asked typical "screening interview" questions then provided with verbal feedback on your performance. In addition, you will receive a written evaluation via email the next day. Participants in previous mock interviews indicate that the experience assisted them tremendously in their job search preparations, some have even landed real interviews in the process.

You sign up for the mock interviews through Handshake, can sign up for one interview each month if you desire, and actually get to choose from available employers - so you know ahead of time who will be conducting your interview.

Job Fairs and Career EventsWT student talks to potential employer at Job Fair.

Career Services hosts a variety of career events, EXPOs and fairs throughout the academic year. Some events are general, open to all majors while others are targeted for specific majors or classifications. Typically each fall and spring semester we host a general Career EXPO for all majors and classifications which is preceded by a networking reception the night before for upperclassmen. In the fall we also host the Meet the Accounting Firms event and our annual Nursing Career Fair. Then in the spring we also host area, regional and state-wide school districts on campus for the teacher career event, Educator's EXPO.

Each of these events has a separate website and details can be found in the Handshake calendar.


Let the friendly staff of Career Services assist you in your job search, now and in the future! In addition, as you climb the 'ladder of success' in your chosen field, remember your alma mater. We would love to send you resumes of highly motivated, well equipped candidates for opportunities you have available.