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Job Descriptions

Developing a Job Description

The first step in finding that perfect student employee is to develop a clear Job Description. In order to do this effectively:

  1. Write a summary statement, a brief job overview. Include the degree of supervision provided.

  2. Determine what essential tasks need to be performed; typically this is three to six different tasks.

  3. For each function, determine the duties, i.e., the action taken when performing the job satisfactorily. Answer the questions, what, how, and why.

  4. Determine the knowledge, abilities & skills. Tie them directly to the duties.

  5. Determine if there are any physical, environmental or special demands.

If specific personal qualities are needed to succeed in your work environment, include those qualities in your job description.

Here are a few additional helpful tips:

If the work environment is...The job description could include the following

  • People oriented
    • Comfortable being around others
    • Comfortable with customer contact
  • Office/professional
    • Knowledgeable of campus
    • Proud to represent the university
  • Number-oriented
    • Detail oriented
    • Comfortable with numbers
  • Fast paced
    • Flexible
    • Able to demonstrate initiative
    • Able to handle multiple tasks
  • Mostly unsupervised
    • Autonomous worker
    • Self-starter
    • Motivated
    • Able to make decisions
  • Creative
    • Free thinking
    • Able to deal with ambiguity
  • Safety-conscious
    • Knowledge of safety precautions
    • Able to handle emergencies
    • Able to report incidents objectively