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Winter 2014

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Please indicate which training program you'd like your student to attend or if you would like a customer service or teambuilding training for your group of student workers (3 or more please). Please note that the workshop will be 2 hours in length. The programs will be filled on a first come, first served basis. If you would like a training just for your department, please choose a random date and indicate in the notes section below, and please state days/times that would work.


In the space provided below, please mention any specific areas you'd like emphasized as well as any examples of GREAT customer service you've provided or observed. Or, if you would like a department-specific training, please select a random date above and indicate specifics here including date and time.

  • Identify the many benefits of working on-campus
  • Understand their value as student employees
  • Recognize who WTAMU's customers are
  • Provide quality service to all campus constituents
  • Communiate effectively both verbally and non-verbally
  • Address difficult situations calmly and proficiently
  • Become familiar with work ethics and responsibilities
  • Increase their understanding of sexual harassment
  • Learn the importance of confidentiality in their work
  • Familiarize themselves with components of nonverbal communication
  • Understand their role as "ambassadors" for WTAMU

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