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Career Services Supervisors' Handbook After the Job Offer

What happens after I make a job offer?

  1. Keep records of your hiring rationale. On the back of each on-campus application you will record the reason you did or did not hire a student. These records are to be maintained by the hiring department as a safeguard to protect you from accusations of unjust hiring procedures. This involves providing a simple and objective rationale for your decision. Here are some examples of acceptable rationale.
  2. Complete the Request for New Hire form. Once you have made the job offer, you will complete this form and give it to your student employee.
  3. The student brings their New Hire Form to Career Services (CC#113). If they have never worked on campus, they will need to complete a packet of paperwork, which typically takes 15-20 minutes (provided they have all of the necessary information/I-9 documents). The process takes about 5 minutes for current/former student workers.
  4. Career Services conducts a background check on all student workers. Departments will be charged $5.45 per background check that is run for their student employees. The New Hire Form includes a space for you to specify the account you would like this fee to be taken from.
  5. You and the student receive a "Final steps before you begin work" email with instructions for completing the electronic I-9. The I-9 is a federal form that must be completed on or before the student's start date. It verifies their identity and work authorization status in the United States. The I-9 is required by law. If a student has already worked on campus, it's likely that this step in the process will be omitted.
  6. You and the student receive an "Authorization to Work" email from Career Services. This email contains the student's UIN and temporary password for Single Sign On as well as instructions for recording their time and accessing TrainTraq. They can now begin working! (You and the student will be informed if they are not eligible to work.)
  7. The student completes their required training. HR assigns modules, which are available in TrainTraq and must be completed within 30 days of the student's start date. Most supervisors allow students to complete their training during work hours so that the student will be compensated for their time.