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Career Services Sup Handbook - Termination

When a student leaves employment

Take these steps to protect the university when a student employee leaves employment: 

Complete the Employment Separation/Termination Form to notify the appropriate departments about your student's departure on or after the student's last day of work. This form enables you to alert all parties with a single "click."

When a student leaves an on-campus position, it is important that the department ensure that university property is returned.


  • Notify IT (651-7800 or 651-4357) if a student had a network (either student or academic) log in.  
  • Notify IT (651-7800 or 651-4357) if a student had Datatel access.  IT will need to know the student’s Datatel login ID.
  • Notify the Key Department (651-2145)  if the student had card swipe access or had been issued a key.
  • Notify the Business Office (651-2080) if the student had access to credit card information.
  • Notify the Gold Card Office ( 651-4654) if the student had  Buff Gold Card permissions.
  • Notify Purchasing (651-2105) if the student was authorized to make purchases on behalf of your department.
  • Notify the JBK Student Center (651-2384) if the student had permission to make room reservations.
  • Notify Payroll (651-2087) so that the student's timesheet can be removed from TimeTraq.
  • Notify Career Services (651-2397) so that the student's employment records can be updated.

Involuntary Termination

As a supervisor of a student employee, you are helping the student develop work habits and attitudes that he/she will take to his/her next employment.  Students appreciate feedback, both positive and negative, about how they are doing as employees.

When work issues develop, it is generally important to resolve them as quickly as possible.  It is always a good idea to document work related infractions.  Here is a sample disciplinary form you can use to document disciplinary issues.

In such situations, keep in mind WTAMU’s philosophy of student development.  Help the student become a better employee by brainstorming with the student how to resolve the problem.  It is preferable that the student come up with the resolution to the problem.  Individuals tend to have more ownership of the results if they are the ones who suggested the solution rather than have a solution chosen for them.

Should it become clear that the student must not continue his/her employment with your office, you will need to have a final discussion with the student.  Again, document the issues that needed correction and the lack of resolution of the problem.

Here are some reasons for immediate termination of a student’s employment, although this list is not all inclusive:

  • Falsification of work hours
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Theft
  • Gross negligence resulting in serious injury to property, person or public relations
  • Physical violence or obscene language when dealing with the public or other staff members
  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on duty.
  • Insubordination
  • Excessive absence and/or tardiness