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Career Services Sup Handbook Hiring Procedures

Hiring Procedures

Once the hiring decision has been made, follow these steps to ensure your office is in compliance with university policies and federal rules.

  • Contact students you did not hire. Once you have chosen your new student employee, please contact the students you did not hire, letting them know that they were not selected for the position. If contacting them in writing, be sure to keep a copy of the letter. If contacting them by phone, be sure to document the date and time of the phone conversation.

  • Inform the student you hired. Please let them know that their employment is contingent upon the successful passing of a background check. This paperwork will be completed in Student Employment Services with other employment paperwork.

  • Route the Hiring Report Form back to Student Employment Services. List the names of ALL the applicants.  Indicate the hiring decision made for each applicant and the reason the hiring decision was made.

  • Complete the New Hire Form and give to the student who was hired. This form contains information needed by Student Employment Services, Human Resources and Payroll, all of which is necessary to getting your student worker on to payroll. It also informs the student where to go to complete employment paperwork and what supporting employment verification documents are suitable, as well as other pertinent information. You may want to save a copy of this form for your records.

Federal law requires that the I-9 be completed no later than the third day of employment.

After the Hiring Report Form has been returned to Student Employment Services, the student has completed his/her paperwork, and the background check has been completed, the department contact indicated on the New Hire Form will receive an email from Human Resources with the student's UIN and important training instructions. At this point, the student's paperwork has all been completed and their timesheet will be created in Time Traq. The department contact will also receive an email once the student has officially been added to Time Traq.

Special Hiring Situations

  • Hiring a Non-student. As of Spring 2012, all non-student hires must be processed through Human Resources in Old Main 116. Please contact Becky Lopez at blopez@wtamu.edu with any questions.

  • Hiring an International student. If a department hires an international student, the hiring department needs to determine if the international student has a social security card/number. If so, send the student to Student Employment Services to complete the additional paperwork.  If not, provide the student with the letter to the Social Security office accessed from the link in the Hiring Report Form email that was sent to the department when the job was posted. International students must not work longer than the time approved by the International Student Office or they may be in violation of US Immigration law.

  • Nepotism. Texas A&M University System policy and laws of the State of Texas define and prohibit nepotism. When hiring an individual who has a relative working on campus, please refer to the nepotism policy. Any exemptions to this policy must be approved by the President. Contact Student Employment Services to obtain a form titled, “Request for Nepotism Exemption”.  The President will need to review the information and approve the hire prior to the individual starting employment.

Length of Time To Keep Paperwork

  • Application for the employment of the candidates not hired, including applications, resumes, transcripts, letters of reference and similar documents, should be kept for two years.

  • Applications for employment of the candidates hired, including applications, resumes, transcripts, letters of reference and similar documents, should be kept for five years after the termination of the employee.

  • Selection records (interview notes, test scores, etc.) of the applicants should be kept for 2 years.
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