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Quality Job Assignments for Your Intern


Job Assignments

A clear job description which defines duties, basic goals, and learning that a student can expect is extremely important prior to employing an intern. Employers know that retention of students is valuable to program cost effectiveness and that retention is possible only when students are challenged in internships commensurate with their education content and level.

Quality job assignments are:

  • Appropriate to the students' disciplines and levels of studies at school.
  • A position appropriate to the profession and is not a private residence of the employer.
  • A position in which the student will be supervised by a practicing professional in the field.
  • Challenging in regard to problems to be solved, quality to be achieved, and production to be accomplished.
  • Progressive in responsibility, maintaining a challenge.
  • Flexible enough to allow adequate exploration of interests, aptitudes and the business/industrial environment - to obtain some career direction.
  • Well conceived prior to requesting a student to fill them.

The following steps may be you establish and maintain a quality job assignments:

  • Institute a system to obtain feedback from students including written evaluations of assignments from interns and exit interviews conducted by an internship coordinator or faculty member from the student's school.
  • Utilize mid-term performance evaluations/checks from mentors for the students.
  • Use feedback from mentors and students to improve/change job assignments.
  • Ask university coordinators.
  • Define/document job assignments in terms of major/job/location for recruiting and hiring.
  • Management should encourage continuous feedback between intern supervisors and students.