Counseling Services - Students

Student Counseling

Life as a college student can be an exciting time filled with freedom, changes, and new experiences!  It can be fulfilling, rewarding and sometimes challenging.  For many students, these changes and demands can be overwhelming.  WTAMU's Student Counseling Services understands that students may need some support during the school year to help them succeed. The Student Counseling Center is able to help students through:

  • Personal Counseling
  • Career Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention

To learn how to make an appointment visit our Appointments page.

Scope of Care

The Student Counseling Center provides short term counseling and consultation to students who are experiencing emotional and psychological problems that are interfering with their ability to be successful in school and with their individual personal development. Our purpose is not to provide intense treatment for severe, chronic, or long-term mental illness or mental health problems. The Student Counseling Center does not employ accommodation specialists and therefore does not provide letters regarding academic or living accommodations (e.g, pet and /or emotional support animals, special allowances for classes, etc.). Requests for accommodations should be directed to Student Disability Services.  

Emotional Support Animal Notice

The Student Counseling Center does not provide assessment and/or documentation related to Emotional Support Animal accommodations for either off campus or on campus housing.  Per University policy, Emotional Support Animals are only permitted in residence halls.  They are not permitted in any other building on campus, including the Student Wellness Center.

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