Counseling Services - Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse

Why do people use drugs? 

  • Some people start using drugs because they are curious.
  • Some use because their friends do and they want to fit in. 

 How can drugs hurt a person? 

  • Drugs can make a person sick or damage the body and brain. They can even kill a person.
  • Using drugs can make it hard to learn and remember things. School or work may seem even harder. A person can get more colds and flus.
  • Many drugs can change a person's mood and make him/her feel unhappy. More than half of all teen suicides are drug-related.
  • Drugs can make a person lose coordination and not think clearly. In most fatal auto crashes involving people under 25, the driver was under the influence of drugs. 

What is addiction? 

  • At first people use drugs to feel good. Then they have to use drugs to feel normal.

 How does someone become addicted to a drug? 

  • A person's body builds up tolerance. He/She needs more and more of the drug to get the same feeling. This increases the chances of serious or fatal effects.
  • The body and brain must have the drug to work. If the person stops using the drug, they go into withdrawal and feel sick. Withdrawal can be mild, violent or even fatal. 

 Where to get help and more information: 

There are many places to get more information or help to stop using drugs. You can talk to:

  • Friends
  • Family and Religious advisors
  • Residence Life Staff
  • Student Health Center
  • Counseling Center
  • Campus Ministry
  • Professors and advisors
  • You can check out books about drug use from the library
  • Investigate on the Internet. Try one of these web sites:
Booze News